Adventurers' Academy



“All roads to destiny converge at the Academy.”

– an old Xorian saying

Nobody knows for sure when the Academy was founded or by whom. There are some who say that it is as old as the Divinities; others believe that it exists beyond time and only appears when destiny calls for new heroes and villains to be forged. Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain; only those whose fate is bound by a prophecy will find their way there.

The world hasn’t seen a proper hero or a true villain in twenty generations, and it has been exactly that long since the Adventurers’ Academy faded from the world to one day reappear for the next generation of Chosen Ones.

Curiously enough, the disappearance of the Academy wasn’t the only major event that took place all those years ago.

“The Breach opened wide and chaos unleashed

As Blights tore our world apart, piece by piece (…)”

a popular bardic ballad

Five hundred years ago, an adventuring party on the side of Creation caused a worldwide disaster by opening a rift between the mortal world and the world of Divinities, the Empyrean. Nobody knows why heroes, of all people, did something so unspeakable – was it for power? Were they tricked by Destruction? These questions could not be asked as the culprits perished in action, leaving behind a broken world and a broken trust in heroes.

The Breach – as it was called was the greatest catastrophe ever recorded. The rift between the worlds left the mortal plane open to Blights – monsters of unimaginable horror that laid siege to the world, destroying entire cities and decimating the population.

After thirteen days of mayhem, the Breach was finally closed by the united efforts of Creation, but the effects of that event are still acutely felt to this day.

One of those effects concerns prophecies, or rather lack thereof. Ever since the Breach, not a single hero was born and not a single villain rose to power. Those who tried to claim these destinies without divine blessing met miserable ends. Soon the very idea of heroes and villains became nothing more than echoes of the past kept alive only in bardic tales.

Then, just months ago, everything changed. The world rippled with prophecies – not one, not two, but over a hundred in a span of weeks. Mortals of all ages and all walks of life awoke to destinies that marked them for greatness. Finally, after all this time, fate chose its champions, and the door to the Adventurers’ Academy stood open once more.

Now, for the first time in 500 years, the world will have new heroes and villains, and maybe, just maybe, for the first time since the Breach, there will be answers.

Why did the Academy vanish for half a millennium?

What part did it play in causing the Breach?

Why are there so many prophecies?

And why now?

The experience

Adventurers’ Academy is a multi-episode larp about heroes and villains at the beginning of their journey towards destiny. With personal prophecies in their hands and the weight of expectations on their shoulders, they step into the hallways of the ancient Academy to be trained as Adventurers – starting at level 1.

You can play all episodes or jump in and out at any time.

During their stay at the academy, adventurers will:

  • Learn about their place in the world;
  • Attend specialised lessons to hone their skills;
  • Form adventuring parties and test their strength during classes, quests, and other challenges;
  • Find allies and make enemies;
  • Discover secrets about the world, the Academy, and their own destiny;
  • Enjoy small victories and epic failures;
  • Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to become the greatest heroes and villains of all time – one level at a time.

Is this larp for me?

This larp is for you if you:

  • Enjoy playing on tropes and archetypes;
  • Enjoy playing for drama, playing to lift, and playing to lose;
  • Enjoy non-transparent plots and characters;
  • Like pre-written characters with strong relations (with your input being taken into account during character creation);
  • Like organiser-provided plot and activities while being able to create your own within the provided framework;
  • Enjoy dramatic confrontations and interpersonal drama;
  • Enjoy a game whose tone can change from scene to scene, and you can adjust to the tonal shift.

This larp is not for you if you:

  • Don’t enjoy playing to lose;
  • Expect full transparency of the plot;
  • Don’t like pre-written characters;
  • Don’t like plot provided by the organisers;
  • Have certain accessibility issues (see HERE).

Sign-up and casting

When you buy a ticket, we will ask you to fill out a sign-up form with your personal information, including questions about your casting preferences. At this stage, we will ask you to flag anyone who you think poses danger to the other players or to themselves. We reserve the right to contact you for more details before banning the flagged person from the game.

Because of the data protection laws, we cannot publish a player list, but we will open a document where players can add their own information if they choose to share it with the other participants. We will have a flagging system in place, and we are always open to answering questions in private.

The casting will be announced in spring 2024, at which point you will receive your character sheet and gain access to the relevant social media channels.

Physical accessibility

Czocha is a 13th century castle with plenty of staircases and no lifts, which unfortunately makes it inaccessible to people with mobility issues. The grounds around the castle are mostly unlit and can be slippery, with some locations being accessible only by steep, narrow steps. 


Special effects

The larp will use special effects, such as pyrotechnics, smoke machines, smoke bombs, mildly unpleasant smells, loud sounds, and others. They have been thoroughly tested for their safety. Before the game, all players will take part in a practical workshop, preparing them for the experience.

Emotional well-being

During the game, there will be a designated person available to the players in case they need to talk to someone, signal an issue, or solve an off-game conflict.

Special requests

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues we should know about, please reach us at, and we will do our best to help you.

Get in touch!

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