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10-13 October 2024


Czocha castle, Poland

For whom?

Number of players: up to 120

Age: 18+

Language: English

Playstyle: play-to lift, play-for-drama, play-to-lose (see also: Tone)

Larp experience: not required. The game is beginner-friendly and welcomes all: newbies, veterans, and everyone in between.

Ticket prices

Standard (accommodation in a shared room): 599 euro

Upgraded (accommodation in a two-person room with twin beds or a double bed): 650 euro per person

Single room (accommodation in a single room): 699 euro

Please do not purchase tickets from third parties – it is very easy to stumble upon a scammer.


Ticket price includes:


  • A pre-written character;
  • An immersive game with intricate storylines, organiser-led plots, and carefully designed space for your character’s development;
  • A network of pre-written relations as well as the possibility of creating new ones;
  • Professional scenography, props and special effects;
  • Three nights in the beautiful Czocha castle;
  • Meals prepared by professional caterers;
  • Insignia of Creation or Destruction for your costume;
  • A cast of supporting characters to boost your play;
  • Professional photographs from the game, including a character portrait.

The ticket price does not include alcohol, insurance, or transportation to and from the event.


In the unfortunate event that a player needs to cancel participation in the larp, the following rules apply:

Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable, unless there is a replacement for the player. If a player wishes to cancel their ticket or transfer it to someone else, they should contact the Organisers. For safety reasons, the reselling of tickets can happen only through Wonderlarp.

Were the game to be cancelled because of events beyond our control, we shall endeavour to reimburse the tickets to the best of our ability. This may result in partial refunds or, in worst-case scenarios, no refunds.

We reserve the right to decline participation to any player deemed harmful to the larp, themselves, or to other participants at any time before or during the game. If the decision is made before the event, we will refund the ticket in full.

If our code of conduct is broken during the larp, we reserve the right to remove the player from the larp without any refunds.

Wonderlarp reserves the right to refuse attendance to participants for any reason, including violation of our code of conduct and policies.


Players are required to have their own travel insurance to cover expenses incurred in travel to the event in case of cancellation.


Players are accommodated in shared rooms for 3-5 people. There are a couple of single and double rooms which can be booked via our website at an extra charge.

Some of the rooms come with a bathroom, others have a bathroom in the corridor. The rooms are heated, the water is warm, but it’s an old castle and the pipes have seen better days, so spells of cold water and chilliness in the room may happen. If this is the case, please inform the Organisers and we will ask the castle Staff to fix the issues as soon as possible.


All meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday happen in-game. On Friday and Saturday players will be served three meals; dinner on Thursday, and breakfast on Sunday. During the Thursday workshops, you will have access to hot beverages and light snacks. Throughout the game, there will be a coffee and tea station.

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink.

In the sign-up form, we will ask you about your food preferences and organise a menu according to the players’ needs, with both meat and vegan options available.

There will be no Organiser-led plot happening during mealtimes.

Alcohol can be purchased in-game (we will set up payment options) and consumed in reasonable amounts. Strongly inebriated players, as well as players whose behaviour poses danger to themselves or others, will be asked to leave the play area or, if need be, the game. Please do not bring your own alcohol to the game; you can, however, bring it to the afterparty.

Costume and props

Players are responsible for bringing their own costumes and personal props. The Organisers will provide each player with a piece of costuming marking the character’s allegiance to either Creation and Destruction, but the rest of the costume is entirely up to the player. 

We are playing in a fantasy world with a medieval-renaissance flavour, so any basic fantasy costume will do. However, if you want to give your character a personal touch, each Alignment, nation, and kin have their own unique styles which you can incorporate into your character’s appearance. 

You can bring latex weapons to the larp after contacting the Organisers.

Transport to the location

There will be a possibility to book a ticket for the bus going from Berlin Airport to Czocha on Thursday, October 10th, 2024, then back from Czocha to Berlin Airport in the morning of October 13th. The tickets will be available in our store. The deadline for purchasing them is September 1st.

You can also get to the castle by car, heading for this address:

Zamek Czocha

Sucha, 59-820 Leśna, Poland

Code of conduct


This Code of Conduct applies to all participants, crew members and organisers.


Don’t be a jerk. Everyone is here to have a good time, and we can only do it in a collaborative, understanding and compassionate environment.


Don’t assume that someone else is a jerk. We all make mistakes, so let’s be understanding and forgiving of one another.


When in doubt - calibrate. We encourage all participants to talk to one another using the Look-Down mechanic when there is doubt about someone’s intentions or actions. Immersion isn’t a gate to be permanently broken but a veil to be briefly parted, and people are always more important than larp.


Any form of out-of-game harassment, bullying or violence will not be tolerated and may result in a player being removed from the game.


Every participant is responsible for their own words and actions. We do not condone using the in-game prejudice as an alibi to cause off-game distress to others.


Each person is entitled to their own boundaries, which should be respected by all participants, organisers, and crew.


We encourage “open chair policy”, which means leaving space for others to participate in scenes and conversations.


There is no excuse for racism, sexism, sexual orientation-based discrimination, ableism, or any other discrimination, including that based on real-life religion, age, appearance, quirks etc.


Off-game safety requires all participants to familiarise themselves with the escalation and deescalation mechanics introduced at the pre-game workshops and delivered before the game in the form of written materials.


Alcohol is allowed in moderation and can be purchased in-game. Participants who are drunk and cause discomfort or danger to the game or to the other participants may be asked to go to their room and sober up. Roleplaying drunkenness is alright as long as it is done safely and doesn’t cause issues for other players.


Participants are responsible for informing the organisers about their health issues.


Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may result in the person being asked to leave the game without a refund.

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