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The team



The Team

Adventurers’ Academy is produced by Wonderlarp.

Maciej Krzysztofik

Producer, scenography and set designer

Maciej is an old vampire, started larping in the 90ties, briefly took a break for a boring career, but returned with new skills and ideas. He has worked on College of Wizardry, Miskatonic University, Odysseus and other larps as a scenography, prop and lighting specialist. He’s a co-founder of Wonderlarp who loves his crafting workshop, and who plays and designs way too many games.

Karolina Fido-Fairfax

Narrative designer, producer

A storyteller at heart and a narrative designer by trade, Karolina is an experienced player, writer, and developmental editor. When she isn’t writing games for Wonderlarp, she creates magic at College of Wizardry and works on games such as Heirs of the Dragon, Odysseus, or Conscience. She loves complicated characters, ethical dilemmas, and well-designed plot twists.

Simon Brind

Narrative designer

Simon Brind is a larp writer from the People’s Democratic Republic of North London. He lurks in the shadows and mutters about hit points and clockwork. He does not sleep much, instead he lies down in the dark and lets memories escape through tears. He is a warrior-poet in the classical sense. 

Chey Kuil

Narrative designer

Chey is a costume designer and writer by day… and also by night. She got into larp before having ever rolled a set of dice, then turned into an avid D&D player. They love bringing stories to life and sharing them with people, watching the worlds unfurl and change in unimaginable ways.

Andrzej Spera

Scenography and set designer

Long time larp crafter, making props, scenography and costumes since he was 14. Fueled by spite and energy drinks, he can make things beyond mortal imagination. You would know him only if you dared to look behind the scenes of both Polish and international larps, where he roams freely in his scenography kingdom at Wonderlarp.

Iryt Kraus

Scenography and set designer

Iryt is a scenographer and a prop-maker with 10 years of experience. They have worked on many high-quality larps like College of Wizardry, Fairweather Manor, Convention of Thorns, Miskatonic University, OldTown, Zweihander, Avalon, and many others. They are part of the practical team at Wonderlarp.

Tomasz Maderath

Graphic designer

Drawing and painting has been his passion for decades. He excels in digital and traditional portraits as well character design. Taking inspiration from roleplaying games, he loves to breathe life into the characters from his games. Occasionally, Maderath also makes props and costumes. He is the creator of the Adventurers’ Academy logo.

Andreas Okkels Nielsen

Narrative support

Andreas has been larping for close to two decades and has organised several events both nationally and internationally. He enjoys founding stories in old folklore and delving into magical tales alongside the players. At Wonderlarp, he helps with prop-making and narrative design.

Oliver Hoffmann

Narrative designer

Oliver has been inventing and telling stories since forever. He has written, translated, edited and copy-read virtually countless books and RPGs, and he can claim that professionally, his dream has come true: he works on, with and for words and games. As an experience designer, Oliver has been writing, creating, and facilitating larps since the late 90s. He teaches Storytelling, Leadership, and Teambuilding at different German universities.

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