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“Welcome, Adventurer! 

What is this whole Alignment thing, you ask? Just like every coin has two sides, our Pantheon has two sets of Divinities: one for Creation and one for Destruction. You may think that just because you pick up snails from the road and cuddle puppies, you will immediately be claimed by Creation, but in truth, the Gods may have a different plan for you.

But for argument’s sake, let’s say you’re Aligned with Creation.

The first thing you need to know is that this side of the Pantheon is ruled by Rahanen. It’s a pretty chill god, like in that bardic song: “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did – as long as you love me“. They just want to be worshipped, and honestly, who can’t relate? 

Minor Divinities of Creation are a different story – they may want you to do things for them in exchange for giving you powers. Each of them has a different specialty, and while Rahanen is the Big Boss, it’s them you’re directly Aligned to. 

In principle, Creation is the Domain of heroes. Courage, truth, generosity, protection – it represents all of that and more. Those Aligned with Creation will one day save the world, and while their fate is tied to their Domain and the Divinities within it, they have enough free will to decide by themselves *how* they want to go about it.

Look into the Domain of Creation if you’re into dramatic posing in conveniently placed cones of light, making epic proclamations about honour and bravery, and saving helpless grannies from waylayers.”


“Do you like stomping on children’s sandcastles and serving salt when they ask for sugar? Congratulations, you’re an asshole. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be claimed by the Domain of Destruction, but you will probably get a thumbs up from their Pantheon. As we’ve established, Divinities work in mysterious ways.

But let’s say that you’re Aligned with Destruction and that you’re on your way to being a Big Bad Villain.

The most important thing to remember is that you serve the Prime Divinity of Destruction, Malevolt. This mysterious God has been silent for 500 years, and we don’t exactly know why. Coincidentally, something else happened 500 years ago, but there is no proof that these two events are in any way related.

Since Malevolt doesn’t grace us with Their personal patronage, Minor Divinities of Destruction take the reins. Each oversees a different area of Destruction, and you will answer directly to one of them. The deal is simple: you get their blessing and maybe some sweet powers related to their specialty, and in exchange, you do their bidding. How you go about fulfilling your destiny is entirely up to you, as long as you stick to your Domain and make your Divinity proud.

In principle, Destruction is the Domain of villains. Greed, discord, deception – that and more is what they’re all about. Those Aligned with Destruction are destined to one day bring down the world, but before that happens, they must reach the peak of infamy, which includes scoring themselves the coolest nemesis, the greatest party, and all the favours from their Divinities they can possibly collect.

Look into the Domain of Destruction if you’re into evil monologuing, adding laxatives to your enemies’ wine, and waylaying helpless grannies.”


The Mortal Plane

This is the world where our game takes place. Inhabited mainly by mortals of many kin, divided into lands governed by their own rules and traditions, this plane of existence is unique in its ability to contain – and maintain – life. It is separated from the other worlds by the Equilibrium, which keeps it safe from the influx of overwhelming magical presence and beings that could tear the mortal plane apart.

The Empyrean

The Empyrean is the realm of Divinities, a plane of condensed magic where Creation and Destruction have struggled for power since the dawn of time – or at least that’s what it looks like from the mortals’ perspective. Ruled by Rahanen and Malevolt – the Prime Divinities of Creation and Destruction, the Empyrean has a special relationship with the mortal plane. Its magic seeps through the cracks in the Equilibrium and empowers the chosen mortals, who in return worship the providers of magic and do their mysterious bidding.

The Equilibrium

Some think that it is a bridge between the mortal plane and the Empyrean; others believe it to be a “sponge” which absorbs the powers seeping in from the Empyrean into the mortal plane. It regulates the flow of powers and works as a catalyst between the two planes of existence.

It is believed that after death, mortals become one with the Equilibrium and their life force replenishes the powers of Divinities.

The Eventide (The Twilight Belt)

If the Equilibrium is a sieve for magic, the Eventide is the toxic residue that is left behind after the filtering process. It is a thin strip filled with corruption and magical waste, populated by monsters of unimaginable horror: the dreadful Blights. During the Breach, some of the Blights found their way into the mortal plane and have been terrorising it every night ever since. The good news is, they only show up after dark. The bad news is, they are nearly unkillable.

Good luck, Adventurer.



The Kingdom of Homeport was a once prosperous trading nation that controlled access to the sea and to trade with other lands. This prosperity was predicated on the regular shipments of essentials to and from other kingdoms. After the Breach, however, the seas boiled with strange fires and the once seasonal storms became so fierce and frequent that long sea voyages became a thing of the past.

Now, Homeport is a crumbling ruin. The rich merchants have left for other places, their palatial houses decayed and weathered by the wind and rain.

The people remain. They are very superstitious, knowing they must rely on all sorts of luck to survive. As a result of this, they pay the most attention to the Divinities of Destruction, not because they are devout followers, but more because they feel they need to keep that pantheon on their side.

Choose Homeport if you’d like to play on superstition and almost religious respect for the forces of nature.

The Cities in Dust

Once, the Seven Cities were famed for their lush beauty, each one rising out of the rainforest like a vast tower bedecked with lush greenery. After the Breach the rains stopped. The change in climate killed first the plants that grew in the cities and then the forests around them. Dry winds desiccated the land. All that remains of the jungle now is a wasteland of grey dust that blows into the eyes and lungs of those who dare to venture across it.

Currently, the Seven Cities are split in terms of who they worship. Whereas previously each city had been closely associated with one of the Divinities of Creation, since the Breach many have turned to Destruction. As the population has dwindled and its main focus is survival, the councils have fallen and there is no central government or authority. Instead, the Cities are torn between various gangs or individuals who fight one another for resources.

Choose the Cities in Dust if you’d like a background based on the scarcity of resources and struggle for survival.

Xoria Prime

Located on a large island surrounded by hostile waters, Xoria Prime has been isolated from the rest of the world for half a millennium. Everything changed a few months ago, when the summons from the Academy reminded Xorians that there in life outside of their self-sufficient island.

The Empire and its people are strongly aligned with Creation, with the benevolent Empress being the head of Rahanen’s cult in the land. The followers of Destruction are monitored by strict imperial laws and, if they are considered a threat, imprisoned or eliminated.

To the rest of the world, Xoria Prime is a mysterious land no-one has visited in 500 years; it is also the place where former pupils of the Adventurers’ Academy opened the Breach, bringing calamity upon the world. 

Perhaps now, finally, there will be answers as to what truly happened all those years ago.

Choose Xoria Prime if you’d like to play someone out of tune with the world; someone who has led a sheltered life and who may – or may not – wish to correct their ignorance.


Fairdale was built upon ruins of a city annihilated by the Breach, and since then, it has been in ruins many more times. Some say that the land had been cursed by a long forgotten Divinity, and thus people who live there are forced to raise their homes from the ashes again and again. Whether it is true or not, one thing is certain: no superstition can break the spirit of the people of Fairdale. From subterranean strongholds to grand lodges and palaces built upon the foundations of their predecessors, the citizens seize the day, pouring all their resources into living full, lavish lives. Calamity may come knocking any day, so why save for tomorrow what can be enjoyed today?

Fairdale is the cultural centre of the continent. It is here one will see the grandest performances and the greatest parties. The acknowledgement of impending doom fuels the urge to live to the fullest, be it through extravagance or decadence; as long they feel that they’re alive.

Choose Fairdale if you’d like to explore the “carpe diem” mentality, and confront it with your destiny as one of the Chosen.

The Kingdom of Peaches

One of the most powerful nations in the world, and certainly the happiest, the Kingdom of Peaches is a largely agrarian land built around farming, with fruit trees to the west and fields of crops and livestock further to the east. It’s a land of prosperity, happiness, and devotion to the balance between Creation and Destruction, where everyone benefits from the grace of Divinities and the Kingdom’s mortal rulers.

…Except that almost everything you’ve just read is a lie. Whilst the above is the commonly held truth about the Kingdom of Peaches, the reality is significantly darker and less wholesome.

Choose the Kingdom of Peaches if you’d like to see the world through the eyes of a manipulated subject oblivious to the machinations of an oppressive regime.

The Cloud Baronies

The Monarch held together the Cloud Baronies for centuries. They kept the lands thriving even in the wake of the Breach, but not long after, they disappeared, leaving no heir. 

Without strong centralised power, the nobles ruling over each Barony took the reins, leading to centuries of squabbles, shifting loyalties, court dramas, and dubious alliances.

Despite the constant turmoil, the people of the Baronies are loyal to their home first and foremost. While the various Baronies may be at odds with one another, once an external force poses a threat, the people will unite against it as one, powerful front. 

Woe are those who try to take their land, for the people of the Baronies will fight tooth and nail until nothing but dust remains.

Choose the Cloud Baronies if you’d enjoy playing on internal animosity among your people, but find natural allies in them once faced with an external threat.



The Riverlands

When the waters turned treacherous and far-off expeditions were no longer possible, the people of the Great Seas became the people of the Riverlands. The disaster of the Breach severely cut down their population, forcing natural born explorers to settle down among the shores. It isn’t to say that life on land has become boring – or safe. The post-Breach marshes, lakes and rivers are an even less reliable environment than the oceans used to be. The lands are ever-changing, shifting like a living organism, with rivers and lakes pulsating like veins. Many dangers lurk within the uncharted lands, and many paths once mapped out have been lost to the ever-expanding land and water.

That makes cartographers and explorers some of the highest valued and most dangerous occupations, and it is them people see as the embodiment of an adventurer.

Choose the Riverlands if adventure is in your blood, and if you long to take risks for the sake of treading new paths.

The Spire

At the very heart of the continent stands the Spire, a twisting column of rock and light, of metal and darkness that represents the balance of the world. Many believe that the Spire connects the mortal plane to the Empyrean, serving as a bridge between the mortals and the Divinities. 

The climate surrounding the Spire is volatile, making it difficult to farm and obtain resources. The sole settlement lies at the very base of the Spire, and it is entirely mobile. As the seasons change and the shadow of the Spire travels across the land, so does the settlement, always keeping to the light side of the towering structure.

People of the Spire are pragmatic, either by nature or by need. They worship Creation but pay proper respects to Destruction, and they will ally themselves with whoever can offer them a better chance of survival. 

Perhaps the most remarkable trait of the area is the fact that the Spire is home to the famous Adventurers’ Academy, which appears and vanishes according to divine will. The time when the Academy reveals itself is a time of great prosperity for the people of the Spire, but also a source of headaches as fledgling adventurers run rampant through the village, testing their powers and turning the peaceful folks’ lives upside down.

The Spire is not a playable land.


The Pantheon

There are two main pantheons existing parallel to each other: the Pantheon of Creation and Destruction, each led by a Prime Divinity who rules over all others in their Domain.

The Divinities choose unique mortals and gift them with special abilities. These Chosen Ones have destinies to fulfil, and as long as they stay true to their Alignment and faithful to their Divinity, their power will grow, and with it – their influence. This is how heroes and villains will come to change the world – with faith in their hearts and power at their fingertips.


Colours: gold & blue

RAHANEN – PRIME DIVINITY, represents all aspects of Creation

ORIANA – Divinity of Health and Regeneration

HEALDAN – Divinity of Truth and Clarity

LISSE – Divinity of Mercy and Forgiveness

UMBRIS – Divinity of Defence and Protection

CYNREN – Divinity of Kindness and Compassion


Colours: black & purple

MALEVOLT – PRIME DIVINITY, represents all aspects of Destruction

FOLGIAN – Divinity of Illusions and Deception

BALWAZ – Divinity of Decay and Degeneration

GIFRA – Divinity of Greed and Rapacity

TORNWRATH – Divinity of Vengeance and Retribution

HETEGRIM – Divinity of Doubt and Discord


Guilds are commonly known as associations uniting people of similar views or ambitions. Some are more respectable than others, but all of them have their own unique rules of participation, and to join them, it is often necessary to fulfill certain… requirements.

In practice, it means running secret errands, meeting mysterious characters, and going on adventuring quests. Of course, no-one expects you to complete the tasks alone – that’s why you have your party! Some quests, however, may call for more than one group of Adventurers – or even more than one Alignment. If you want to complete your quest, you may have to join forces with your enemies – and owe them one heck of a favour.

One thing is certain – being part of a guild gives you access to all sorts of secrets, tools, and adventures, as well as a network of contacts and potential allies.

The Lorekeepers

The Guild of Legend and Lore, also known as The Lorekeepers, focuses on history, stories, and legends. They are masters of lore who record all the important events and maintain a consistent version of the past. The Lorekeepers dive deep into mysteries, searching for the truth and unearthing ancient secrets. They are the ones organising expeditions into pre-Breach ruins, post-Breach wastelands, and areas strictly off-limits to anyone but the nosiest explorers. 
The Guild welcomes all those for whom the past is as important as the future. They pride themselves on being impartial and writing down history as faithfully as possible.

However… there are rumours accusing the Lorekeepers of tweaking the records to their preference: some battles are remembered quite differently than is written in the books, and many a ruler has been painted in a more favourable light than their subjects would corroborate… These, however, are merely whispers. The fact is that the Guild stands among the most respected in all of the lands, and the integrity of its members is of paramount importance. That’s why, before accepting anyone into its ranks, the Guild will send the candidates on quests designed to test what they’re truly made of. 

Creation, Destruction, it doesn’t matter – pass the challenge and gain access to the secrets of the world and the scrolls that hunger for your stories!

The Soothsayers

While the world knows them as Soothsayers, they prefer the term “Prophets”. The Guild unites those who are tired of looking at the past and would rather focus on the future. They believe that the future holds just as many mysteries as the past, and that the fate of the world lies in the hands of those who gaze ahead. This unwillingness to recognise the importance of the past puts them at odd with the Lorekeepers, and the stronger the Lorekeepers insist that the past is key to understanding the world, the more adamant the Soothsayers are at contradicting them. 

The Soothsayers take great interest in prophecies and in those who have been blessed with one. Some people believe that they can interpret prophecies and lead Adventurers down the path to glory; others think that it’s all a bunch of bollocks. The Guild itself is surprisingly secretive about their activity. They rarely personally speak up in public, preferring instead to use the written word. Their cryptic slogans can be seen everywhere: painted on walls, looming from posters, or sneaked into casual conversations. For a Guild of incense-smelling crystal gazers, that is a curious amount of effort. 

Some say that the Guild is a joke, a gimmick for those who have nothing better to do than wish upon a leafy tea; others can’t help but wonder: what are they really about?

The Alchemists

At a first glance, the Worshipful Company of Alchemists may seem like a typical trade guild uniting specialists in the field of potion-brewing and herbal chemistry. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Much like an alchemical concoction is a sum of different ingredients brewing towards the same goal, the Guild is home to starkly polarising occupations and personalities. As long as they work towards the same common purpose, and for as long as the Guild Council deems them useful, they are offered protection and support. The Guild is most famous for its network of contacts, both among the upper echelons of society as well as its underbelly. They can get you anything, from anywhere – for a price.

Recruitment into the Guild comes with certain expectations: from the moment of your initiation, you will be expected to locate rare items, make new allies, procure information – almost never in conflict with your Alignment, of course. In exchange, you will gain access to a vast network of allies from a myriad of professions. Who knows when you might need their aid? Due to their reach and effectiveness, the Alchemists are one of the most formidable organisations in existence. However, the privilege of membership in the Guild comes at a price of favours as well as the expectation of loyalty and discreteness.

Leaving the Guild isn’t without consequences, either. The membership deal isn’t signed in blood, but many believe that it may as well be.

The Clockmakers

The Clockmakers are one of the most fascinating guilds in the realms. Ostensibly, they represent the interests of those who work in or repair clockwork, the cutting edge technology that promises to breathe a wind of change into the world. As with many craft guilds, there is a layer of mysticism around what they do, and they reflect this with a level of secrecy about how their amazing devices work. Becoming a member of the Clockmakers is a difficult process, though not for the obvious reasons. Some may think that it is because the craft of clockmaking requires a certain skillset; this, however, is only partly true. 

The uniqueness of the Guild lies in the mindset of its members: they are advocates of balance; a force which evens the scales between Creation and Destruction regardless of their members’ Alignment. They believe that, like the clockworks they build, the world is a finely tuned machine that needs to be in balance – or else it will fail. Prospective candidates may find themselves facing missions that will test their loyalty to their Divinity against loyalty to the Guild and its grand purpose – a choice that may leave many Adventurers with a crisis of identity, but also with a goal that reached beyond personal destinies. The Clockmakers’ mission often puts them at odds with the most devoted allies of Creation and Destruction. 

Balance is not in the interest of either of the Domains, making the Clockmakers a threat to the eternal struggle between the two warring forces. This, however, has never stopped the Guild from pursuing its purpose. In fact, with the new prophecies appearing all over the world, the Guild appears to be more active than ever…

Adventurers anonymous

Considered by the outside world to be more of a support group than a proper Guild, Adventurers Anonymous is an association of people in need of counselling, advice, and understanding. To attend the Guild’s meeting, one must take the oath of truthfulness – a magically binding contract that cannot be broken – as well as a vow of secrecy, which means that whatever has been said at the meeting cannot leave the room. The Guild welcomes all Adventurers regardless of their Alignment, and often sees heroes and villains sitting side by side and listening to each other’s perspectives without judgement or condemnation – at least not overtly.

At a first glance, joining the Guild may seem like the easiest task in the world: all it should take is an openness to listen and the willingness to share; but there is more. The Guild accepts only those who carry heavy burdens, secrets and trauma they cannot share anywhere else. Among their members one might see the most pristine heroes weighed down by the burden of duty, and the most fearsome villains whose legacy means a lifetime of loneliness.

The mysterious leaders of Adventurers Anonymous encourage their members to apply to other Guilds alongside theirs – make friends, allies, find a purpose elsewhere. And if the other Guild is experiencing issues? Well, they can always be discussed within the safe and secret confines of Adventurers Anonymous…

Get in touch!

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